Tree Services

Tree Services In Queens, NY

Queens tree services is a professional tree removal, tree pruning, trimming, stump removal and tree planting company servicing all of Queens County, NY. We are fully licensed, insured and provide free estimates, and top quality tree service with great pricing to match. We provide all different types of corrective, preventative and enhancement services to your trees. Most people don’t realize how important trees are to the environment and they’re property. Did you know that healthy beautiful trees can have a positive effect on your property’s value?  If you have unhealthy, dying trees this can also bring a negative effect on your property’s value, so it’s very important that your trees be cared for in the right way.

Residential & Commercial Queens, NY Tree Services

Whether you own a home, a business or just own land with a lot of trees on the property, they should be cared for in the right way. We do most of our daily work on residential properties and houses within Queens County, NY. Commercial tree service is something that we provide a lot of also. We have received calls from catering halls and other places of business that depend on a beautiful appearance to keep new customers coming in.

Low Cost Queens NY Tree Services

One big thing that sets us apart from our competition happens to be our pricing. We believe the quickest way to our customer’s hearts is through great pricing, this way we can develop trust and rapport necessary for future business. Due to our low overhead, we can pass our savings down to you-the customer.  Don’t get burn by another tree service company charge unreasonable pricing. We can handle any type of tree work you throw at us for a more than reasonable amount.

Queens, NY Tree Removal

Do you have a tree that’s fallen? What about trees that are in danger of falling? Rest assured, we are more than equipped to handle any size tree that needs to be removed. From the biggest to the smallest, we have got you covered. Did we mention were fully insured, licensed and operate modern, up to date industry standard equipment. In most cases your tree will need to be removed, but sometimes we can help save it by utilizing a special structural support service known as “cabling & bracing.” If you need a tree removed for vanity reasons or if it’s an emergency, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any Queens County, NY tree removal issues.

Queens County, NY Tree Pruning Services

Pruning is a very important service. It helps to maintain and increase the overall health and aesthetics of your trees.  This can have a very large impact on your property value. Having healthy trees also means that they are safe or not in danger of falling. Falling trees can be a major hazard and liability to the people and property around them.  When having Queens, NY tree pruning done, you need to make sure that you hire the right company. If pruning is done wrong, it can cause serious irreversible damage to your trees.  We prune trees to bring light back to your lawn, remove deadwood, and bring back the natural balance to your trees.

stump removal in queensQueens NY Stump Removal

There are quite a few options available when it comes to stump removal. We can use a special machine called a “stump grinder” which will chew into the old stump and remove whatever are a few inches underneath the soil. We can also use stump rotting agents or chemicals. This will take a significantly longer time to remove than by using the machine. Removing your stumps is generally just considered a cosmetic procedure.